Standard presentation
A 45 - 60  minute presentation whereby the speaker uses powerpoint/flipcharts or hand-outs to present their topic, and leaves 5 - 10 minutes for Q & A at the end of their session.

A workshop that can be any length in time.  It is interactive and facilitated by a technical presenter.

A session that is a two hour in-depth presentation on a specific topic.

Panel Session
An interactive session with a panel of expert speakers.  This can be made up of one or more people and does not include a formal presentation. (i.e. no slides required) 
**If submitting a panel session please add your co-speaker names into the abstract.

Talk back
A 30 minute formal presentation, followed by a 30 minute Q & A or discussion.

An interactive session (without audio visual equipment) where attendees sit around one or more round tables and the session is facilitated by a knowledgeable presenter on the topic.